I started my music career at the very early age of eight years old with two sticks of wood, playing drums with my father's band. It was my first public gig, I was so excited! I was fortunate to have come from a talened family, where music was a part of life. While still playing drums for my Dad, I was learning to play guitar, bass, trumpet and more. I think I was around thirteen when I started my own three-piece band. I started playing the same Clubs, Bars, and Honky Tonks that I played with my father.
Country Legends that influenced me, include Merle Haggard, Wynn Stewart, Conway Twitty, George Jones and Charley Pride. But the one that made the most impact on me was the Great Country Legend Buck Owens. Back in the 60’s, Buck and The Buckaroos were “IT”! There was nothing better then That Bakersfield Sound. Simplicity with Style!
Because of the passion for my love of true Country music that inspired me throughout my life, my wife and I moved our family to Nashville. Selling everything and moving to a place where we knew no one was scary, let me tell ya. But looking back, we would not changed a thing.
 With hard work and determination my dream's came true, and not only took me to the studios of Nashville, but also performing throughout the US, Europe, and Australia.
 People often ask me what I enjoy most about being on stage. It's being on stage! Seeing someone in the audience singing along with my songs and having a good time. That is one of the greatest compliments to me. Knowing my music is reaching fans, who are responding with such enjoyment is something I never get tired of.

My goals are to keep Traditional Country Music and The Bakersfield Sound Alive.

Being raised on a farm with a strong family background has made me who I am today. I'm carrying on that tradition with my family. That's what keeps me grounded, and has alot to do with my down-to-earth personality.  I call it being 'Country Raised'.